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Built in 1927, Inwood Elementary is proud to be part of Winter Haven’s Centennial Celebration. The school was originally built with three classrooms, and 2 teachers taught combined classes of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 5th, 6th grades. The rest of the school was comprised of an auditorium, clinic, eating area, and principal’s office. Since that time, Inwood has grown and expanded its facility to accommodate an average of 400 students (K-5) and 33 teachers. Our latest improvement – a brand new, beautiful cafeteria – was completed in time to be open for the first day of the 2012-2013 school year. Despite great growth and advancements, Inwood Elementary is still a true neighborhood school. All of our students either walk, ride bikes, or come to school in cars, since we use no busses. As we celebrate 89 years of learning, Inwood Elementary is proud to be a vital asset to the city of Winter Haven, and we look forward to our 100th birthday!

At Inwood Elementary we believe:Inwood Elementary School

  • Our students can learn.
  • Our students can make academic gains.
  • Our students must stop and think.
  • Inwood is a nurturing community.
  • Our teachers provide solid support.
  • Our school provides a safe and orderly environment.
  • Our students benefit from educational partnerships.



Two students from Inwood Elementary, Aletza Gonzalez and Wilfred Bautista, were chosen to attend the Optimist Student Appreciation dinner, held February 28 at Central Baptist Church in Winter Haven. These two students were nominated by teachers, and represent the best of Inwood students. The honorees and their parents were served a spaghetti dinner by members of the local Optimist Club, which included former Inwood principal, Rena Wood, and Sheriff Grady Judd was the guest speaker. Mrs. Mimi Hoecker, our Guidance Counselor, also attended as a representative of Inwood. We are so proud of Aletza and Wilfred!

Florida Scrub Jay

This painting was created by 5th graders at Inwood Elementary. The painting will be exposed in different galleries, including the Lakeland City Hall.  It will also be featured, in 2017, in an animated film related to endangered birds in Florida. The tempura painting was created by 64 students, successfully working as a team to reach one common goal. They learned that others work differently than themselves, and the students came to respect and accept the integration of their talents. They also learned patience and teamwork, two of the qualities we try to develop in our students. Special thanks to Mr. Robles-Bidot, our Art teacher, for undertaking this project and giving our students a chance to realize their talents, and to create this beautiful painting.

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