Beautiful things happening in Art class!

In Mr. Robles’ art class, one group of 4th graders combined their skills to create a 24″x72″ tempera on paper work of art. Working together, they used cooperation, time-management, communication, and coordination to complete the task. Some students painted the background and cactuses, while others prepared paint and materials. With this teamwork, the result is a painting which projects the calm and peace of a sunset in Arizona.

Sunset in Arizona

Using a different medium of Air Dry clay, 4th & 5th graders learned to create 3-D artworks. Practicing first with Play-Doh, the students then made their own pieces with the Art clay, using patience, focus, and creativity to  create these beautiful sculptures.  Metallic tempera was used to give each piece the finishing touch.  These students worked through many steps to express their creativity in the finished works of art.

Metallic Collection

Thanks to Mr. Robles for all of his hard work and patience in giving our students the chance to be creative!