Important Information about Drop-Offs!! Please read!

Students can be dropped off, beginning at 7 am, on the west side of the school by the outside Cafeteria doors, using the gate on 23rd Street.

We are asking that students no longer be dropped off in front of the school, as it is causing back-up traffic on Ave. G.  Unless you are parking your car and walking in with your student, all drop offs should be done on the west side, using the entrance gate on 23rd Street.

After drop-off, cars turning right must turn at the drive in front of the school, not under the traffic light. There is an exit gate at the end of the drive that will let you turn right onto Ave. G.  During student arrival and dismissal, the traffic light is for left turns only, ensuring the safety of students using the crosswalk.

Thank you so much for adapting to these changes, and helping to keep our students safe as they arrive and leave our school!